Beyond The Basics Of 2024 Aluminum

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The various alloys used in the production of aluminum products provide specific attributes or properties which are unique for each. When it comes to 2024 aluminum, the essential alloy in this product is copper, which provides a very high strength to weight ratio.

However, there are other benefits as well with 2024 aluminum alloy. This material is considered to have good fatigue resistance but a lower corrosion resistance than other types of alloys. It also has average machinability to a high finish, which makes it a good choice for many types of parts and fabrications, but it is weldable only through friction welding, which may limit its use in some industries.

A Brief History

First developed in 1931 by Alcoa, 2024 aluminum was available in T3 temper to be used on all types of aircraft. Through time, several different variant alloys have been developed for specific uses within the aircraft industry. It is available as plate in various thicknesses as well as in flat sheet and coiled sheet.

Uses of 2024 Aluminum Alloy

The industries most associated with the use of 2024 aluminum are the aerospace and aircraft industries. The high strength and lightweight combination is a perfect match for structures such as wings, ribs, and fittings, which also need to have a high fatigue resistance. It is also routinely used in the manufacturing of aircraft fuselage structures.

Other uses for 2024 aluminum include in medical and veterinary equipment as well as for orthopedic equipment. It is used by the military for munitions and missile parts as well as in manufacturing of components such as fasteners, hydraulic valves, couplings and various type of pistons, gears, and shafts for automotive manufacturing.


With is lower corrosion resistance 2024 aluminum alloy is typically anodized or clad. Cladding is most often done with a very thin layer of high purity aluminum. This cladding may slightly decrease the strength so it may be used only in specific applications. Cladding is considered essential for surface uses when exposed to the atmosphere, industrial pollutants or any salt spray or marine use.

With different plate thicknesses, it is possible to match the 2024 aluminum alloy with the specific needs for the aircraft industrial or for use in other industries. This is a versatile alloy which is in constant demand because of its ability to resist fatigue and provide a very high strength aluminum alloy option.

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