Boosting Your Business with a DSP Marketing Agency

by | Sep 21, 2018 | Advertising and marketing

According to many, DSP marketing is taking over much of the marketing world. Because of the importance of this emerging technology, a DSP marketing agency can be a critical partner for your business. Let’s take a look at what a DSP is to understand how an agency can help you boost your business.

DSP stands for demand-side platform. What does that mean? It’s actually simpler than you may think. It is software that buys ads. Instead of using a typical ad agency where a person arranges the purchasing of ad space, a DSP does that for you. YouConnex can use its thorough knowledge of DSP Managed Services and their structure to help your business jump to the next level.

A basic understanding of how DSP’s work can help you understand why a DSP marketing agency is such a powerful tool. A DSP can make it so you are able to purchase advertising in several places on the Internet at the same time. Each time you reach your target audience, you are getting what is called an “impression.” Each impression has a price. But the type of impression determines what that price is. And, of course, the number of impressions will affect how much you spend.

This is where a DSP comes in. It can be used to decide how to allocate your advertising resources based on what you want to accomplish. Both the number of impressions and the type of impressions can be determined by the DSP. With YouConnex, the knowledge is already in place to help you capitalize on this right away.

To fully benefit from the DSP approach, YouConnex uses CRM tagging. CRM stands for “customer relationship management.” CRM tagging is a tool that helps you assign tags to your target customers. This categorizes them. You can then decide how to tailor your ad campaign to reach each of these valuable groups. One way to look at it is like this. Look at a group of people walking down a street. You can see their genders, approximate ages, and maybe you can take a guess at what they do for work. However, when each of these people gets on the Internet or social media, their searches and browsing habits reveal much more about them and their interests. With CRM tagging, YouConnex helps you put a tag on each of these potential customers.

With the right DSP marketing agency by your side, profits will grow. YouConnex is ready to help you get started.

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