Enjoy the Wine Tours in Traverse City

by | Oct 19, 2021 | Business

The wine tours in Traverse City are one of the best ways to see the true beauty that Traverse City has to offer. Traverse City, Michigan is becoming to be a popular destination for wine enthusiasts around the world to visit because it is so perfectly located on the 45th parallel, which affords Michigan the opportunity to be the home for many wineries. Varietal grapes require a certain type of climate in order to produce the best and brightest flavors for wine creation, hence the saying that ‘grapes love beautiful places.’

Two Peninsulas

The wine tours in Traverse City encompass the area of the two peninsulas, Old Mission and Leelanau and both are situated in the heart of beautiful cherry trees and very steep hillsides that boast extraordinary views of Grand Traverse Bay. One great benefit to the wine tours in Traverse City is that they allow those that are visiting to create their own tour of the area. There are already pre-routed tours that people can enjoy, but for those people that are more adventurous, they can take advantage of the different events that go on throughout the year.

Walking Wine Trails or Party Bus

Many different tours are available and people have the option to either walk the various wine trails or hire tour guides that will drive a party bus to each location specified. While the tour guide is a native to the region, they will be able to show everyone all of the cool things there are to see and wait while people enjoy the different wine tours in Traverse City.

Private and Group Tours

What better than to have a personal tour guide, drive you through the beautiful wine country in Northern Michigan? State of the art buses/limousines will ensure that everyone on the tour will have ever-lasting memories from their visit. Michigan also offers various distillery and brewery tours which are also a great experience for everyone to enjoy, it is always interesting to find out how the different wines and spirits are crafted from the growing phase all the way to the bottling phase.

For those adventurous people out there, this is an experience that you do not want to miss and for those individuals out there that are just looking to enjoy a beautiful vacation incomparable to any other that they have been on, the wine tours in Traverse City offer just that. A romantic getaway is right in the northern region of the United States, come and enjoy the various boutiques and fine dining that Traverse City has to offer, we are positive that you will never want to leave.

Come and take part in the wine tours in Traverse City. Amongst the boutiques, fine dining and five star accommodations we have something for everyone in the family to enjoy, book a reservation now!

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