Fine Details: Decorative Hardware

by | Oct 13, 2021 | Business

When you’ve put blood, sweat, and tears into a beautiful piece of cabinetry, you want to go for a big finish. Find out what decorative hardware can do to make your work shine with style and flair. Check out styles, designs, and materials that will going look period-perfect on that five panel door restoration or the cabinetry for that as modern as five minutes ago bath. The International Woodworkers Fair has something for every woodworker from the veteran fine cabinetmaker to a new journeyman.

Supplies You Demand

When your work edges into the definitions of fine cabinetry, there’s a certain level of quality that customers expect, and that comes with a price tag. Finish details such as decorative hardware have to be top quality, and for restoration or reproduction, you want to be spot on. Your best bet for finding everything you need and maybe a few things you didn’t know you need is at the International Woodworkers Fair in Atlanta. Coming up in 2016, you can find all the little details to please the most exacting restorer and make that old house look Sears catalog new.

Decorative hardware suppliers shows allow small shop owners to network and establish their own supply network, and meet and network with other professional woodworkers. The party-hearty image of conventions is a stark contrast to the reality where people come to do business, attend live demos, classes, and symposiums that help them to run their shops. Check out some of the top names in decorative hardware like Nob Hill, Schaub & Company, and Liberty that will put just the right finishing touch on your next project.

Perfect Harmony

Attending trade shows and decorative hardware supplier shows are the perfect way for small shops to expand the range of products they offer, as well as keeping up to date on the latest products. Exhibitors are small-business friendly, and you’ll learn a lot in just a few days. By investing a few days, professional woodworkers can reap a lifetime of value and build lasting relationships that will enhance their knowledge over all areas of their business, from the shop floor to the back office. Come to Atlanta and see just what the IWF has to offer you and your business in 2016. We think that you’ll be impressed, and that you’ll value the experience enough to come back year after year.

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