Interesting And Unusual Options For Hosting And Catering For Small Parties

by | Oct 19, 2021 | Catering

The wonderful things about planning and hosting a small sized party are you have a lot of options for venues as well as for services available for catering for small parties. This is not always or often the case for larger parties where seating restrictions and logistics for venues and food selections limits your choices.

When you are hosting and hiring catering for small parties it can be a fun exercise to put on your thinking cap and go outside of the ordinary when it comes to venues. Top caterers will be able to work with the vast majority of facilities to allow you to really have the best possible party.

Museums and Galleries

For a more formal type of event or for anyone that loves history or art, hosting and catering for small parties in these types of venues is a great idea. Most museums and art galleries have small to larger rooms that are available for parties, meetings and events and they are typically very reasonably priced.

You will need to book these well in advance of the date you need them as they can be very busy during specific times of the year. In addition you should check if they have any requirements for catering for small parties within the facility.

Zoos, Gardens and Parks

For a great spring, summer or fall party booking a spot at the zoo, a private garden, or a public park is a great idea. These are perfect for garden teas, bridal showers, church or social group gatherings, or just to meet with old friends.

If you are considering this option look for a company offering catering for small parties that offers great cool summer food options including freshly made tea and lemonade, salads, sandwiches and fruit and vegetable trays. For a different approach consider a boxed lunch option that is easy to have guest pick up their lunch move to a table.

There really are no restrictions on the venues you can select for smaller sized parties. Any company that offers catering for small parties is also a great resource to find out what unique, different and unusual venues are available in your area. When you need catering for small parties contact Chicken Salad Chick. To see our menu or choose your foods visit us at Facebook or Twitter.

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