It’s Time for a New Approach for your Small Business in Arlington Heights, Illinois

by | Mar 26, 2024 | Marketing Agency

You and your family have run your small printing company for many years. You always ran it just like your Dad had run the business. Now it’s time for your son to take over the business and he has all kinds of new ideas. You never had a website, or any presence on social media. You have never done advertising on the web but relied on word of mouth and an occasional mail campaign as well as on the street traffic.

Your son, having grown up knowing about social media and its effect on a small business, now insists that you hire a digital marketing company in Arlington Heights, IL. You are willing to follow his lead on this because while you know some marketing ideas (the postcards you sent out in the mail were your idea), you realize that as a business major in college, he knows way more than you do.

Your son wants to hire a digital marketing company in Arlington Heights, IL because while he knows how to create a website, he will need help with search engine optimization. He also wants help with other digital types of marketing like creating a monthly blog, posting on social media, like Facebook on a thrice a week schedule, and Facebook advertising. Your son is going for a new and additional audience, one that is tech savvy. He knows what his generation wants and needs and he is looking to do new things like screen printing and advertising products. He knows there is a market for that in your area. He believes this will add to the business income.

He suggests that you contact Shane Worley the Marketing 1 LLC at or check out them on Instagram for additional updates.

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