Leading-Edge Fire Alarm Systems are Really Attracting Attention

by | Oct 13, 2021 | Business

If you’re in a public building when a fire alarm goes off, it can seem like an inconvenience, especially if there is no sign of smoke or flames. A false alarm caused by a teenager’s prank or a fire department drill may be annoying, but when an alarm sounds in a real emergency, it can be a life-saver.

Cause for Alarm
Fire alarms are designed to trigger a warning that captures attention and moves people to react quickly. The expression “cause for alarm” means it is cause for serious concern and should grab your attention. Fire alarms should be taken seriously. While they may frighten you when they are activated, they motivate you to exit a building as quickly as possible. There are so many manufacturers of Fire Alarm Systems. Illinois businesses can find one of the best selections at Getz Fire Equipment Company.

Where there are people, there are life-saving fire alarms

 * Offices
 * Government buildings
 * Malls and retail spaces
 * Manufacturing facilities
 * Apartment complexes / Dorms
 * Universities
 * Airports, bus and train stations
 * Daycares
 * Libraries
 * Sports Venues

Alarm Systems Have Come a Long way
The fire alarm business has progressed significantly. Gone are the days of single-handed, pull-style bell alarms. They have been replaced by revolutionary, mass notification systems, complete with telephone receiver and emergency intercom.

Leading the way in Innovation and Safety
Fire equipment experts are always searching for the latest innovations in fire alarm technology.
Commercial and industrial fire alarm systems come in all sizes and forms. Each system is designed to meet the needs of the building in which it is being installed. Modern structures with open-air atriums, vaulted ceilings and open staircases require innovative fire alarms with the same high safety standards. These buildings would not benefit from the typical smoke detector found in an apartment stairwell, so the industry has made exciting advances to meet the growing need for change.

Unique buildings can be equipped with state-of-the-art, camera-based fire alarm systems in Illinois. Fire experts, Getz Fire Equipment Company, offers video surveillance fire detection systems that can detect a flame or smoke in seconds and can trigger an alarm in a fire’s earliest stages. These advances in fire alarm detection help keep clients, families and communities safe.

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