Murarrie: A Corporate Hub

by | Oct 14, 2021 | businessllc

When you’re located a mere eight kilometres from the centre of a major city, and one that is quickly growing, the prospects for a successful business in this fast-paced time are excellent. Murarrie fits this bill like a glove.

In recent years, this suburb has shaken off some of its industrial roots to become a corporate office hub, one making excellent use of its city connections, rail centre, and close proximity to Brisbane’s International and Domestic Airports, a mere ten minutes away. The drive to succeed in Queensland brings many to the city, however, the prohibitive cost of office space in the highly sought-after inner city can be an issue for some firms, especially those seeking to grow through smart decisions and thrift. However, the same real estate prices do not apply just outside of town.

When you rent office space in Murarrie through Corporate House, you are gaining more than just proximity to a corporate hub and large customer base. You are further gaining the advantage of being surrounded by professionals, as several large and competitive firms have relocated here. These include:

  • Adidas Australia
  • Armaguard
  • LG Electronics
  • Volvo Penta

Having made the switch to occupying office space in Murarrie, these firms provide a nearby competitive environment, and potentially, excellent networking. Moreover, their presence offers you a vote of confidence in the value of doing business in Murarrie. These firms have recognised the gains to be realised by taking advantage of this riverside borough, and soon, commercial centre, to grow their respective empires. You can, too.

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