Sample Cards, the Fundamental Asset for Interior Design

by | Oct 13, 2021 | Business

Invariably, sample cards shape interior design as a whole. Interior design is a vast, territory with limitless creative possibilities. The human brain is capable of visualizing decorative arrangements, color combinations, and more. However, nothing can usurp the power and importance of tangibility when visually communicating your ideas.

Fabric swatches can give you more than creative leverage in most cases. They can streamline the design process, helping you tailor your designs and achieve the perfect result.

The Benefits of Swatches

For designers, sample cards impart a clear vision detailing all needed components for the creative design process. These swatches clearly reflect how colors, trimmings and textures interact. This is particularly beneficial when you are carefully treading the sensitive design process.

The interplay of color, texture, pattern and organization is one of the most complex skills to master. However, with the aid of these sample swatches, designers can prevent mistakes down the line.

No one can predict how certain colors, patterns and textures will translate into real life. For instance, an online color swatch may appear more diluted online than it does in real life. Accordingly, a particular pattern may appear more textured on the web than it does on someone’s wall. As a result, inaccurate swatches provide misleading representations of what to expect from your fabrics, linens, carpets, and more. However, with fabric samplers, you can visualize your design right in the palm of your hand. This can lead to a more successful outcome.

What to Expect During the Design Process

Whether you are a designer, an interior decorator or a home owner, sample cards can be of great assistance. Overall, these cards are a sound investment because they help save you money. Instead of investing in highly expensive products and experimenting with them, take an alternative route and order samples before purchasing any Fabrics or furnishings.

An existing sample, mockup or even a simple sketch can be the starting point for your project. We will be able to take your ideas, along with a few details like quantity and size and estimate pricing, turnaround time, and yardage requirements. Then we can create artwork or take your files to produce the printed cards, tags, or labels your project requires. You always receive proofs for final approval before printing proceeds. We also proof all swatching to keep you in complete control. Visit their website for more information.

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