The value of digital archiving services

by | Oct 14, 2021 | Business

Digital archiving services give the company numerous benefits and opportunities they couldn’t have without a well-managed archive program. The big enterprises know the value of digital archiving programs and the unfolding opportunities of archiving services as well. However, not only huge organizations can benefit from an archive, in fact, these early storage and recovery processes may be an excellent first step for smaller businesses as well.

With an archive service you can easily:

  *  Keep all of your assets safe and in one place
  *  Quickly access all information when you need it
  *  Conveniently search for key terms
  *  Support various strategic needs such as marketing, employee orientation, products development, upcoming anniversaries, milestones, and much more!

The digital archive can help you with:

1. Finding materials that highlight your corporate history so that you may use this information in your blog, website, social media, etc.
2. Creating a press release to notify the customers about the new products, services, company changes, and other turning points for your brand.
3. Corporate research in order to write an annual report, which can summarize the achievements of the past year and major goals for the coming year.
4. Writing a newsletter that can successfully point out the current states of affairs and give useful information for its readers.
5. Creating an “About us” page or printing materials to summarize the history of the brand.
6. Finding event materials such as photos and videos.

What makes a good archive?

Usually, it’s not enough just to have all your materials in the same place. Moreover, you need to have easy access to them and be able to find specific information you want in seconds. That’s why it is crucial for your company to find an agency that offers various digital archiving services. Sometimes, it’s better to pay a little bit more for a good, well-managed archive service than save some money and have a lot of problems with your imperfect archive you can’t even access properly.

The value of user-driven archives:

Protect valuable assets you may need access to at anytime
Increase internal efficiencies  of the entire organization
Provide fast, easy, and direct access to any company information as its needed
Structure the information, helping you understand what is worth keeping and what is not

What can you keep in your archive?

1. Photos, videos, images, stories
2. Biographical files
3. Various price lists
4. Key data
5. Statistics
6. Training materials
7. Old press releases, annual reports, etc.

The History Factory knows the importance of the company’s heritage, offering digital archiving services for any business. Visit their website or give their team a call if you have any questions!

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