Top 4 Tips for Selecting a Commencement Speaker

by | Jun 17, 2021 | Sales coaching

When the time comes to send graduates off into the next phase of their lives, the graduation event should encourage them and celebrate their achievements. The commencement speech is one of the highlights of the event because it is meaningful and memorable. Although there are often many options when choosing a commencement speaker, here are a few tips for selecting the right person:

Choose Someone with Professional Speaking Skills

Even the greatest speeches can lose their effect if the speaker is not eloquent and charismatic. Therefore, it is essential to find someone with professional speaking skills who can engage the audience and is confident in front of a large crowd.

Find Someone Who Is Accomplished

The commencement speaker should be someone who understands how to work hard and has many accomplishments. The graduates should get the chance to hear from someone who can relate to their hard work and motivate them to stay focused.

Consider Their Experience

It is critical to select a commencement speaker who has experience giving speeches to ensure they are prepared to be in the spotlight. You do not want to choose someone who gets stage fright easily and freezes during the event. They should remain calm and composed while addressing the graduates to keep the audience focused on what they are saying. If they are a motivational speaker, they will make the event memorable and heartfelt.

Think About What You Want to Teach the Students

The type of commencement speaker you select should depend on what you want to teach the students. Whether they are graduating from business school or high school, consider the challenges they may face to ensure they leave feeling motivated and empowered.

Although choosing a commencement speaker is no easy task, it is possible to select the right individual if you know what to look for in the professional. Visit the Doug Dvorak website to learn more about why he is an excellent choice for your graduation event.

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