Understanding the Differences Between National and Local SEO

by | Jan 24, 2024 | Marketing Agency

When marketing a business online, multiple strategies and tactics can be used. However, search engine optimization is one of the most powerful. And within that, there is both national and local search engine optimization. What is best for you, national search engine optimization in Naples, FL, or a more local approach?

Both local and national search engine optimization shares some similarities. But there are also some key differences. National search engine optimization is optimizing a website for a Google search result to achieve higher ranking phrases or keywords relative to a business’s products or services. National search engine optimization in Naples, FL is tailored for businesses with a wider reach. This is different from businesses with a local or regional focus.

Normally, businesses that engage in national SEO will have a website that appeals to a broad audience, targeting multiple keywords and phrases. An example is a company that has an e-commerce site. Their market is customers who have products shipped anywhere. What they want is that anytime anyone within the country searches for a product or service they offer, their name is one of the first ones that appears.

Conversely, local search engine optimization is designed for individuals whose businesses target a specific market. For example, a roofing contractor is going to want their business to target homeowners or business owners within a set geographical region.

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