Water Damage Restoration: 3 Reasons You Need Professional Help

by | Oct 14, 2021 | Business

Did an appliance valve give way during the night? Or perhaps a pipe burst, leaving your rooms flooded and forcing you to deal with water damage in your home today? If you’re planning to take on that water damage restoration all by yourself, think again. While you might be the ultimate handy man around the house, you might want to sit this one out. Don’t try to go about the water damage restoration yourself. Here are three reasons why it’s smarter to call for the assistance of a professional team, according to the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification:

1. Rapid Response. This is the most important reason for calling in the experts. You’re running against the clock here. You need to contain the water damage quickly. Restoration efforts have to start right away. A professional water damage restoration team is trained for anything so they’re in the best position to know which items—furniture, carpets, drywall, etc.—have been compromised and are already past the point of being salvageable. The longer you wait to call in the experts, the more chances of mold infestation, especially behind the walls of your home, where the damage might not be obvious, until it’s too late.
Tips and Know-how. They know how to handle the project safely and with the proper precautions. More importantly, they know how to locate hidden pockets of moisture inside your home. That means they’ll find those pockets before the bacteria rots your wooden cabinets, for instance or before the mold infestation behind your walls go out of control. With a professional team behind you, you can also ask for tips on how to best salvage the remaining item you have, whether these are clothes, furniture or appliances.
2. Tools and Technology. They have the right gear, tools and the latest technology. All three combine to ensure they do the work as efficiently as possible. This is particularly important if they’re dealing with contaminated water. That puts them under a tight deadline. And having the right tools as well as technology and gear will help them respond to the emergency faster while ensuring quality standards are met.

These are some great reasons why you need the help of an expert water damage restoration team. So the next time a pipe bursts in your home, don’t spend the next precious minutes on deciding whether to call in the experts or not. Just give us a call at Spaulding Decon.

Contain water damage with professional water restoration services. Call us today at Spaulding Decon for assistance!

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