Different Ways to Protect Your Attendees from Danger With Control Barriers

by | Oct 13, 2021 | Business

Crowd control barriers are a necessity at any big event. Many people simply don’t know where to go or have trouble waiting their turn in line. With crowd control barriers, these issues are avoided. They also add a component of safety to the event because they provide a way to thwart attempts for a group of people to band together and become unruly. This, in turn, protects others from injury and harm and ensures a higher level of safety for paying customers.

Heavy-Duty Protection

Aluminum barricades are a great way to create heavy-duty protection and control. Aluminum panels can work in conjunction with the structure’s security gates. The gates can also be interlocked to perform an even greater crowd control function. This crowd control barrier works well both inside and outside and can accommodate various structures.

Standard Protection

These bike rack crowd control barriers are made of carbon steel and can control vigorous and unruly crowds with ease. They also help provide direction and guidance when set up in a formation to direct the crowd where to go.

Ground Protection & Barriers

Crowd control that deals with treating the ground has three forms. There is one that is favored outdoors, such as football fields, parks or sporting arenas, and is known as Terraplas ground protection. The material and design also prevent slips and falls, as well as being a great surface for a high volume of pedestrians to walk on. Hexagon flooring is great for irregular ground, flooring and exhibitions and can hold vehicles up to 2,000 pounds. The interlocking hexagons can fit in a wide variety of designs. Lastly, matrix, a thermoplastic solution, can be used for pedestrian walkways or small vehicle roadways.

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