Getting Married in Lake Geneva? Four Tips on Throwing an Outdoor Wedding

by | Aug 8, 2022 | Wedding Venues

An outdoor wedding in Lake Geneva, WI can be a memorable event with a bit of planning. There are a few things to consider when putting together an outdoor ceremony, but the payoff will be an amazing day for family and friends.


When you opt for an outdoor wedding in Lake Geneva, WI, you ensure that your guests have plenty of fresh air and open space. Find out what shade or covered facilities are available in case the weather does not cooperate. If you are having an evening wedding in the cooler months, have plenty of outdoor heaters lined up, and in the summer, you might need portable fans. Tell your guest to dress for the season and suggest proper shoes.


Mother Nature provides the best background. When working with a professional photographer, take some time to visit the setting beforehand to see how the natural light plays out and to pick out some backdrops.


If you are thinking about having a wedding on public land, you might be required to get a permit, insurance, and other accessories, such as portable toilets. Using a venue that is already set up for crowds might be cost-effective, and your guests might be more comfortable with standard amenities.


It is vital that you keep all of the foods at the proper temperature throughout the entire day. Working with an operation that provides a kitchen or catering service solves this health and safety issue. For more details on how to throw a successful outdoor wedding in Lake Geneva, WI, contact Abbey Springs.

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