Non-Catholics May Attend Catholic Funerals at Eastlake, OH Funeral Homes

by | Sep 6, 2022 | Funeral

Attending a Catholic funeral at a family owned funeral home in Eastlake, OH does not require belonging to this particular religion. Members of other Christian denominations as well as non-Christians are welcome as long as they are respectful of certain traditions. In that case, their presence is appreciated to help say farewell to the deceased loved one and provide emotional support to the immediate relatives.

When the Service Is Not at Church

One primary consideration for Catholic funerals is that non-Catholics should refrain from participating in the Eucharist ritual. This is not a concern at local funeral homes in Eastlake, OH, however. The Catholic Mass is not allowed away from sacred spaces except in significant extenuating circumstances. For instance, priests are allowed to accommodate soldiers in war zones.

Catholics have various reasons for choosing to have the service at a family-owned funeral home in Eastlake, OH instead of a church. For example, the deceased loved one may have left the church and would not have wanted the service held there. The immediate family still wants their priest to speak and other rituals to be upheld.

Quiet Participation

Quiet participation in other rituals at local funeral homes in Eastlake, OH is appreciated when not doing so would be noticeable. For instance, there may be times during the service when attendees are expected to stand for brief periods. This might be when the priest reads a Bible passage or the group sings a hymn. Unless the individual has a disability or is holding a sleeping baby, refusing to stand is discourteous. Anyone who needs assistance from Monreal Funeral Home may begin today.

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