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With business shredding services, companies of any kind can eliminate the worry of stolen information and the liability that can come with those types of security breaches. Shredding services are not just the fastest and most convenient method; they are the most secure as well, for a number of reasons.
* Most documents are able to be destroyed on the business property.
* The materials to be destroyed are placed into the shredders from the exterior of the vehicle, so each client will be able to witness the process for themselves.
* A video monitor inside the vehicle helps to confirm the shredding.
* A printout provides a tally of how many items were destroyed in the process, making it easy to track this expense.
* Secured bins are provided prior to the shredding day, so items can be gathered in the office safely.
* Electronic devices and any equipment containing sensitive information can also be effectively destroyed.
* Community shredding can be scheduled, so multiple offices, nearby businesses or neighbours can share the expense by shredding their documents on the same day.
* Shredding services can be scheduled as frequently as needed to prevent sensitive documents from staying around too long.
* The trucks are able to shred up to 8,000 pounds of paper every hour.

Any business that collects personal information of any kind needs to have some kind of shredding policy to reduce risk. Medical records, tax forms and even job applications can be a legal worry if they end up in the wrong hands. Not only can identities be stolen, but personal information can be accessed and made public. Lawsuits are common in these instances, but there may be legal ramifications for companies as well. In addition, customers will not trust businesses who are not careful with the information they collect. This can reduce revenue and damage reputations.

With business shredding services every sensitive document that is no longer needed can be eliminated. Schedule once a week, once a month or less frequently. Residential customers and very small businesses may only require this type of service once a year. Contact website to find out rates, to schedule an appointment or to get more information about the type of devices or software that can also be included.

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