Pool Algae: The Definitive Guide

by | Oct 11, 2021 | Business

As a homeowner with a pool, one thing that you will always need to be aware of is the threat represented by algae. Algae can come in various forms and styles, but it all represents the same issue, a lack of pool maintenance. By understanding what causes algae and how it can affect your home, you will be able to take the necessary steps needed to protect your pool year round.

What are the different types of algae?

When is comes to pool algae, there are various different types of algae that can take root in your pool. These include:

  • Black Algae
  • Yellow Algae
  • Green Algae

These types of algae relate to plant form algae, which are the most common forms of pool algae.  Similarly, there is a pink alga, which is more closely related to bacteria, which can be a clear sign for the need for proper maintenance.

What causes pool algae to form?

By understanding what causes pool algae, you can take the necessary steps to prevent it from every happening. In order for algae to form in a pool, there are two different possible reasons for it. In one instance, algae can stem from spores being blown into the pool.

Another reason for algae stems from direct sunlight and warm conditions, which is common since pools are generally uncovered. With proper pool maintenance and care, the risk for algae will be reduced greatly.

How can algae affect you and your pool?

Aside from the terrible appearance of algae in your pool, algae can also affect the health of your pool and your health as a whole. As algae begin to take root in your pool, it will eliminate any existing chlorine, which will allow for it to grow more easily in your pool.

This buildup can stain your pool, clog filters, and deteriorate the components within your pool such as metals and ladders. Similarly, when algae exist in your pool, it can prevent you from using the pool at all.

What can you do to combat algae?

The easiest way to prevent algae from ever affecting your pool is to properly maintain the pool at regular intervals. With regular care and consideration to your pool, you can help keep your pool clean at all times. In the event that you already have algae in your pool, it will be time to seek professional help.

A professional has the knowledge and skills necessary to help you prevent algae, but also how to eliminate it should it exist in your pool currently. First the pool must be drained and cleaned. Once done, the pool needs to be refilled with the proper balance of chemicals to ensure that algae do not become an issue in the near future.

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