The Reasons You Should Monitor Your Company’s Online Reputation

by | Aug 7, 2018 | Marketing Agency

Each company out there on the market needs to have a method for online reputation monitoring. It’s important to be aware of what is being said about you on social media and the Internet at large. This gives you the ability to follow, anticipate, and control potential issues or buzz. Not only can you monitor your own company, but you can also monitor your competitors.

Why Monitor Your Reputation

There are dozens of reasons for your company to get a monitoring system running. The largest reason is that it takes a large amount of time to build your reputation, but the wrong move can tarnish it forever. If that isn’t enough, it’s been shown that over 40% of companies consider online reputation for being the number one risk they are up against.

Know What is Being Said – and Heard

It’s crucial that you are aware of what people are saying about your products and company on Google and other search engines. This is simple when using a monitoring system of some sort. You just type in your company name to see what Internet users, employees, influences, the media, and competitors are saying about you. If that sounds like a lot of work, there are also companies out there who will do this for you.

Control and Follow Buzz

Most companies don’t jump into online reputation monitoring until something terrible happens that requires it. You don’t want to make that mistake. By stepping into the process before there is an issue with bad buzz, you are there and capable of handling the situation before it explodes. This is preventive maintenance to ensure success for controlling your online presence.

Watch the Competition

Just as you watch your own company, you can also watch other companies in your industry. Find out exactly what they are doing right and watch for what they may be doing wrong. If you notice a shortcoming, that’s an excellent advantage as you can get an edge on them and bring in new customers.

Web Monitoring Tools

There are dozens of web monitoring tools, but some of the most commonly used include Google Alerts, Mention, Alerti, BrandsEye, Rankus, and Talkwalker Alerts. It isn’t necessary to use all of these, but each has its own set of features to make a well-rounded system.

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