Understanding the Different Types of Metric Fasteners in NY

by | Oct 13, 2021 | Business

Fasteners have different purposes, finishes, sizes and types, and can be made out of many different materials. That said, it’s helpful to have a general understanding of which elements matter when selecting metric fasteners.

What Are They for?

The purpose of a given type of fastener is important to establish right from the beginning. What a fastener is used for determines its physical characteristics including its shape, size, and even its finish. As such, the first step is to clearly determine which type of fastener is needed.

Metric fasteners are sorted by type. There are many different types including bolts, rods, nuts and washers, screws, anchors, hinges, couplings, and custom fasteners. Each one has a unique purpose that is different from that of the others. The type of fastener influences the type of thread and the way it is screwed or bolted onto an object.

The type of fastener is usually selected based on the type of material you are working on and the shape of the head. Some of the different fastener head types include round, flat head, hex, oval, bugle, pan, truss, and modified truss. Each head type requires a different piece of hardware to bolt them on properly. As such, the first step when choosing fasteners is to determine what you need the fastener for, which type you need, and which type of hardware is required.

What Size Do You Need?

Once the type of fastener is identified, the next step is figuring out the size. Fasteners come in all different sizes. The size has three main parameters including diameter, length of the fastener, and length of the thread. The size of the diameter refers to the width of the metric fastener and is typically measured in millimeters. The length of the fastener is usually measured in millimeters for metric fasteners. Lastly, the length of the thread is measured by threads per inch and has what is known as an actual count. Alternatively, for some fasteners, you may see a thread pitch number, which is the distance between two threads and is usually measured in millimeters.

What Material and Finish Are Required?

Fasteners come in various types of materials including stainless steel, non-stainless steel, bronze, nylon, brass, and aluminum. Coatings can be zinc-plated, galvanized, or chrome-plated. The material and coating make a difference to how long fasteners last and how well they hold up against various elements. Fasteners that are exposed to harsh elements such as salt need an appropriate coating to prevent corrosion.

Overall, when it comes to buying metric fasteners in NY, knowing what the fasteners will be used for will influence the type, size, and the material chosen. Having basic knowledge about fasteners can ensure your projects are done correctly.

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