Why United Capital Funding Ranks Number One In Best Factoring Companies

by | Oct 14, 2021 | Business

We understand our customers have several different factoring companies to choose from, but there are definitely features and options United Capital Funding offers that are not found in with our competition.

To help you to see why United Capital Funding consistently ranks as the top of the best factoring companies, it is helpful to take a closer look at each option.


One of the advantages to BlueVine is that it is an online company, meaning it is easy to use and can be connected to your current accounting and invoicing software for easy handling of all data.

Like all top factoring companies, BlueVine provides additional perks on rates for return customers, which is a plus for small businesses, which are its primary market. Offering up to 85% of invoice and advancing based on a credit line of up to $50,000 it is a good match for small businesses.


Also designed with small businesses in mind, Fundbox is slightly different in its model than the best factoring companies. It offers a free account with no approval needed, but you will need to have accounting and invoicing software in place. They also offer a 100% funding of the invoice, but the business has to repay the fees, transaction, advance and the principal, within 12 weeks.

In this way, it operates more like a line of credit with the business able to pay off the principal early to avoid additional fees. Typically Fundbox will not handle past due accounts, and they do not handle any collections.

United Capital Funding

Although ranked as one of the best factoring companies, they actually provide a full range of services for their clients. United Capital Funding has the ability to provide factoring services to a wide range of industries including manufacturing, staffing, information technology, service business, security companies and even government invoice factoring.

They offer very competitive rates and absolutely no fees. This means no application fees, and no fees for due diligence, documentation, start-up fees, closing fees or fees for termination.

Their customers include startup companies and those that have been in business for years. The process starts with a simple online application, which will be reviewed for approval within 24 hours. Then, your first funding can be done as soon as seven to 10 business days.

With no volume requirements, a simple 10-minute application online and access to your account 24/7 through our secure online portal, you will quickly realize the advantages to doing business with United Capital Funding.

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